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Bear Bins


Helping Communities and Homeowners Keep Waste Away From Wildlife

Evolve products according to current wildlife research & techniques.

Follow the needs & advances in waste management technology.

Work directly with communities and wildlife specialists.

Designed and manufactured in Canada using 100% Canadian materials, Bear Necessities, a division of Exx-Ell Industries, Inc., has been in the business of making animal/bear resistant garbage containers since 1997. Our mission statement states: We create safe environments for communities and wildlife through the constant evolution of waste handling products.

We have been creating the best, most affordable products for this very small and unique marketplace for over 15 years. Through subject matter expertise, science and unique partnerships, we believe we have engineered the most innovative and functional Animal/Bear Resistant container available.

Steel Waste Containers

We live and work in a pristine and wild region in the Canadian Rockies next to Banff National Park. We know how important it is to keep our environment clean, to ensure the wildlife does not become habituated to our waste, and provide safe and easy to use waste and recycling containers for all applications.

All steel units are made with 100% 12 gauge galvanneal (including doors) and powder coated with 1 primer coat and 2 main colour coats. The use of stainless steel hinges reduces maintenance require-ments and gives a cleaner appearance to the unit. The top user door is equipped with a stop bar to pre-vent the door from being left open.

The design of our units allows owners a greater degree of reduced liability than the standard animal resistant containers which traditionally have an up and away open configuration. Because our door moves parallel to gravity, there is less chance of hands or fingers becoming accidentally involved with the door as it closes.

As a safety feature, there is an emergency release on the interior door of every unit.

All units are equipped with a galvanized liner that are made to fit inside each unit to enable easy removal of waste and replacement of garbage bags.

Our Products

Park/Campground Units: Available in 120,140 & 200 gallon capacity.

Park/Campground Units: Available in 60, 70 & 100 gallon capacity.

Park/Campground Units: Available in 60, 70, 100 gallon capacity. Also can be converted into a double unit.

If a client has a need for a customized unit, we can adapt any of our products to your requests. We build for you.